Ladies of Berk

For all your viking-girls-riding-dragons-and-kicking-ass needs.

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I started this drawing thinking ” I WAN TO CHANGE MY STYLE INTO SOMETHING MORE UNQUE” and it just ended up like my usual style with “chibi-ish” eyes.  GJ me!

Ruffnut though<3 (i forgot her second pair of braids :C)

How To Train Your Dragon (2010) - Ruffnut Thorston


Here it is! Turns out my first proper HTTYD fanart is Heatstrid. I hope you are proud of yourself now, Avannak! ;D  Everyone who likes this kind of stuff, please do enjoy! =)


Fuuuuu—yes!  This is great—it feels totally natural too. This is really your first proper HTTYD fanart? WELL SPENT, I SAY! WELL SPENT!


Yep I am still doing the color palette challenge thing.
Also I couldn’t resist adding stormfly next to astrid.