Young Valka


young valka’s clothes are in the art book, the only thing different i think is that she wears a yellow shirt in the movie (did she wear the same shirt for 20 years?? probably) 


THANK YOU.  Wow, you are a little godsend, aren’t you?

I think it might be the same yellow shirt for 20 years. I have a headcanon that neither Hiccup nor Valka have a talent for cooking (though Hiccup is at least decent) but both have gifts or outfit creating.  Valka’s good at working with what she has.


cute girls in pretty dresses


why must HTTYD2 come out when I’m out of the country >_>


I don’t know…..I guess I blame Sailor Moon Crystal for this one.

That and I always see Sailor Disney characters but no Dreamworks. So here’s some girls from HTTYD. 


this woman is strangely easy to draw wow I love her so much


I don’t like what they did to her in httyd2


These are some Astrid outfit designs I did that can be seen in the Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2 book.

I can’t believe the movie is finally coming out this weekend!! We’re all super proud of the film, and we’re super excited about its release!

Please go check it out HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2 this weekend!  :D

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A astrid vs heather Drabble please (can you also make it about hiccup)


Maybe you don’t understand my thoughts on Heather and Astrid…

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Experimenting with brushes.
I just love drawing faces that are facing left…