Saw these Astrid’s hair concepts in the artbook and just had to draw them.

3 days left!!


Ruffnut Thorston | Pencil


I might finish this eventually :3

A Valka from httyd!

*Wiggles eyebrows at Jack*


he forgot his helmet again…

astrid doodle woah i haven’t posted anything in forever


doodlin’ the bae


I only put one arm warmer on for this, but I was just too excited, I had to share it with you guys!!!

There’s still some parts missing, like the two skulls near the pauldrons, actually connecting the pauldrons (they’re just sitting on my shoulders there) and the leather on the knee caps, but WAAHHHR it’s really coming together! I have the weekend to add the finishing touches, then I think I’ll be ready for Monday :)


Through all life’s sorrows and delights
I’ll keep your laugh inside me

can we just all agree that httyd 2 gets all the oscars for all the things but mostly for valka ok thank 


Astrid of How to Train Your Dragon 2 fanimation


Valka and Astrid

I image to Hiccup’s relief that Astrid has turned her braiding obsession to Valka for the time being C:

My warm up doodle today